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Inside of the Rahmi Koc Museum

Rahmi Koc Museum: Discover Unique Experiences

Rahmi Koc Museum founded by one of the biggest businessmen in Turkey, Rahmi Koc. He is the head of the Koc Group which has national and international partners worldwide. Also, Rahmi Koc is the father of the current president of Fenerbahce SK, Ali Koc. Probably you know the BEKO and its “KO” part is coming from the Koc Group. There are several Rahmi Koc Museums around Turkey but the biggest and famous one is in the Haskoy, Istanbul near the Golden Horne shore.

Rahmi Koc
Rahmi Koc is a man of sport, culture, and life (Source).

Rahmi Koc Museum is holding a very large collection that belongs to mostly the private collection of Rahmi Koc. There are also other collections donated by the people. It is possible to classify the collection in the museum given below.

  • Ataturk
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Rail Transportation
  • Maritime
  • Fenerbahçe Ferry Boat
  • Aviation
  • Communication Instrument
  • Road Transportation
  • Engineering
  • Models and Toys
  • Special Collection
  • Living History

You may also buy the book by the Rahmi Koc Museum “Mirror of the Industrial Legacy” from this link.

History of Rahmi Koc Museum

Rahmi Koc Museum opened for its visitor on 13 December 1994. The museum is located on the Haskoy where is on the northern side of the Golden Horne. Today, the museum covers more than 27000 m2 area. Area of the museum and the historical building over it bought by the Rahmi Koc Museology and Cultural Foundation. After that, extensive restoration works carried out with great attention for the next 3 years.  Most of the collections that are displaying at the museum today are belongs to the private collection of Rahmi Koc. Today, there are 3 separate areas in the museum you may visit.

Open Air Display Area

Bigger things belong to the museum is open to the visitor on an open area extending from the main entrance of the museum over the Haskoy street to the Golder Horn. In this part of the museum, you can see the classic cars, Turgut Alp Vinci, I&E Greenwald Steam Engine, B-24 Liberator and a couple of other planes, Fenerbahce ferry, and TCG Ulucalireis submarine.

Rahmi Koc Museum classical cars
You will be surprised to see so many cars (Source).

Historical Haskoy Dockyard

After for a very short period of time from the opening of the Rahmi Koc Museum, exhibition areas weren’t sufficient to show the collections. Because of that Rahmi Koc Museology and Cultural Foundation bought the historical Haskoy Shipyard. The renovation of this part of the museum was completed in 2001. This part of the museum holds 14 very historical buildings with U plan. Haskoy Dockyard was established by the Sirket-i Hayriye which belong to the Ottoman Empire to repair and maintenance the ships. You may both witness the history of Haskoy Dockyard and the collection on this part of the museum.

Rahmi Koc Museum Haskoy Dockyard
A very large collection is on display in this part of the museum (Source).

Mustafa Vehbi Koc Building

Mustafa Vehbi Koc was the son of the Vehbi Koc. He passed away on 21 January 2016 because of the heart attack. This part of the Rahmi Koc Museum is dedicated to him. I’m suggesting to visit this building at the end of your tour.  Because most of the collections are on the other part of the museum.

Rahmi Koc Museum Plan
Museum layout plan (Source).

How to Go to The Rahmi Koc Museum?

Most of the tourist came to Istanbul don’t know or visit the Rahmi Koc Museum. You may think that there are so many places to visit in Istanbul and this museum is not on the top of that list. I can understand that but if you spare a couple of hours to visit this incredible place you won’t regret about it. Rahmi Koc Museum is very close to the Galata, Karakoy, and Eminonu. It is so easy to go there, even walking. But the fastest way to go there is to take a bus from Karakoy or Eminonu which passes from the Kirmizi Minare stop at Haskoy. You can get in one of the buses belongs to the 36T, 38T, 47, 47E, 47K, 47N, 47Ç, 54HT or 54TE bus lines. You can also use the Golden Horne ferry line and get off at the Haskoy ferry stop. It is just next to the museum.

Rahmi Koc Museum Entrance Fee and Hour

You can visit the Rahmi Koc Museum every day except Monday during the year. Also, the museum is closed at the day before and the first days of the religious holidays and 31 December – 1 January. There is a different time schedule for the opening based on the season. You can find the list below.

  • Weekdays: 10.00 – 17.00 (1 October and 31 March)
  • Weekdays: 10.00 – 19.00 (1 April and 30 September)
  • Weekends: 10.00 – 17.00 (1 October and 31 March)
  • Weekends: 10.00 – 19.00 (1 April and 30 September)

If you have a Museum Card (Müze Kart) you may enjoy the %10 discount for the ticket price for the museum. Otherwise, adults should pay 21 Turkish Lira and 9 Turkish Lira for the students. You should buy a separate ticket for the submarine on the Golden Horne. Its price 10 Turkish Lira for the adults and 7 Turkish Liras for the students.

If you are planning to come to Istanbul or already in there please open space on your tight program and visit the Rahmi Koc Museum. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a few hour’s journeys into the depths of history.

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