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Bagdat Avenue

Bagdat Avenue: Shopping Center of Istanbul

Bagdat Avenue located at the Anatolian side of Istanbul, where is extending between from Bostanci to Kiziltoprak is one of the major shopping hubs of the city. Image an avenue about 9 kilometers long with the world-famous brands, cafes, restaurants, and wide sidewalks for pedestrians. Bagdat Avenue is a one-way avenue where is starting from the Bostanci train station. On a nice and sunny day, it will be a joy to walk all through the avenue. Bagdat Avenue is a well known touristic spot, especially those who are love shopping. You may see the starting point of the avenue on the map given below.

Bagdat Avenue: Byzantium to Ottoman

History of avenue dates back to the even the times of the Byzantium. Bagdat Avenue was a connection road from Anatolia for the Byzantium armies and also the trade caravans. Also, during the Ottoman reign, the avenue kept its importance and it even increased. Actually the names of the Bagdat Avenue came from the famous Ottoman Sultan IV. Murad. sultan IV. Murad started his journey to capture Baghdad from this place.

Bagdat Avenue 29 October celebrations
Republic day celebration on Bagdat Avenue (Source).

During the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II, especially the rich merchant, important people of the government constructed important pavilions over the area. Those were the first building on the avenue. In the coming years, a two-way tram line constructed to increase the settlement over the avenue. Unfornutaly the tram line was removed after the 1930s. Especially after the foundation of the Turkish Republic avenue continue to attract the people.

Shopping Center of Istanbul

Today, Bagdat Avenue is different than Eminonu or Karakoy. Eminonu and Karakoy have lots of places to shop and visit but they are offering more like oriental things. Instead of this Bagdat Avenue offers hundreds of stores with Turkish and foreign brands which are like on Bond Street (London), Bahnhofstrasse (Zurich), Monte Napoleone (Milan), Montaigne (Paris) and Strøget (Copenhagen). You may see tons of famous brands over this 9 kilometers long avenue while taking a nice walk under the tree of Istanbul.

Famous Vakko building over the avenue
Famous Vakko building over the avenue (Source).

How to Go to Bagdat Avenue?

It is very easy to go to the avenue. Because of it strict around 9 kilometers long, at the very central location with tons of public transport options. I have a suggestion for you to go to the avenue. Use the Marmaray! Marmaray is the suburban train line of Istanbul which goes from end to end. You need to get off at the Bostanci train if you want to take the full walkthrough the avenue. Otherwise, you may get off one of the Suadiye, Erenkoy, Goztepe or Sogutlucesme stations which is pretty close to the avenue. Enjoy! Don’t spend too much! You may find Istanbul Shopping Guide book on this link which may help to plan expenditures đŸ™‚

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