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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and Its Golden Dome

The St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral maybe the most iconic, historical and important landmark of the Sofia, Bulgaria. This Neo-Byzantine style built cathedral should be in your must-see list if you ever visit Sofia. Today, this cathedral serves as the cathedral church of the Patriarch of Bulgaria. St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral also in the world 50th biggest cathedral list. This unique building can hold more than 5000 people at once. It is also one of the largest Orthodox Cathedral in southern Europe. Alexander Pomerantseev was the architect of the building. Lenght of the cathedral is about 74 meters and 53 meters of height.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral has its own charmĀ  (Source).

Construction of The Alexander Nevsky CathedralĀ 

It takes a long time to build the cathedral. At first, construction of the cathedral planned in 1879 but the first foundation stone laid down in 1882. Besides, most of the construction work done between 1904 and 1912. Alexander Nevsky was a Russian prince and the cathedral built in honour of the Russian soldiers who gave their lives during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. As you know, after this war Bulgaria liberated from the Ottoman Empire. The most important thing about the constructions of the cathedral is its dome. Cathedral has a gold-plated dome with a 45-meter height. You will also see lots of things with gold-details.

 Inside of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Inside of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Source).

When you enter the cathedral you will see marble and lighting figures around. All of them were created in Munich. The metal part of the gates came from Berlin and gate itself manufactured in the Vienna. Mosaics of the cathedral came from Venice. The cathedral has 12 bells. All of them created in Moscow and brought to Sofia. The biggest dome weighs around 12 tons and the smallest one is only 10 kg.

Name of the cathedral changed between 1916 and 1920 due to political separation of Russia and Bulgaria during the WWI. But the Alexander Nevsky name restore in 1924 and the cathedral declared as the cultural monument of Bulgaria in 1955. There is a small museum inside the cathedral where is dedicated to Christian art. You can see unique collections about icons and murals that characterized the Bulgarian religious art.

Where is The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral?

The cathedral is very close to the Natsionalna Opera tram station. It is also possible to use the Vasil Levski Stadium metro station to go to the cathedral. It will take probably 10 minutes walk with other historical landmarks of Bulgaria. Sofia University is also very close to the cathedral. Also, Monument of the Unknown Soldier, National Gallery of Foreign Art, Bulgarian Parliament, Sofia Opera and Ballet and Ivan Vazov park very closely located around the cathedral. It is very easy to reach the cathedral by using public transportation options. There are also lots of hotels around the area where you can stay. If you stay in this you won’t probably need transportation to visit the places, just walking will be enough.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Drone taken picture of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (Source).

The biggest religious landmark of Bulgaria must be on your list if you ever visit the Sofia. Cathedral has charming architecture and history. As you can see the image from above it can be said that it is beautiful. Also the very good example of the Orthodox style cathedral. If you ever visited Alexander Nevsky Cathedral or planning to visit please share your comments and questions in the comment section with other people. Enjoy!

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